back in the ussa

immigration officer: Were you around any livestock in India?
Juggdish: Not really, except for the cows sleeping in the middle of the road and hanging out on the beach, the goats milling around at the entrance to every national monument, the chickens running around in the streets, the donkeys helping to pick up trash (by eating it), and the elephant who blew his nose on my head. But those don’t count, right?

You may have noticed that updates have been less than forthcoming over the past couple of weeks. This is because with the capital markets’ recent destruction of the majority of my net worth, I was unable to afford the 600 rupees each hotel wanted to charge me for internet access (and was at the same time not trusting enough to type any passwords into the computers located in the small-town “internet cafes” that were constructed mostly out of banana leafs and discarded newspapers).

However, I have plenty to say, plenty of stories to tell, plenty of pictures to show, and plenty of opinions to share. And just as soon as I can figure out how to sleep past 2am and spend at least a couple of days digging through my work email, I will do so! Stay tuned.


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